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"As a Veteran and former Correctional Officer, I stand by the Military and Law Enforcement as necessary to provide safety and security for all law abiding citizens. There is no justification for crime, and I will seek to promote swift and unencumbered justice to those who would harm others."

-Brian H. Seitz, Republican Candidate, 156th District Representative 



I am 100% Pro-Life. All human beings are created in the image of God, deserving of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The protections of the Constitution should apply to the weakest and most needy among us. I pledge to support and promote all legislation that provides protections for both the unborn infant and the elderly.


I believe that the freedoms detailed in the First Amendment are under attack and we must vigorously fight to preserve those freedoms for future generations. As a pastor, I understand just how sacred the freedoms of religion and speech are, and I will be a staunch defender of both as your State Representative. 


The Second Amendment is the pillar upon which all the other amendments rely. We must uphold the Second to secure the rest of the rights given to us in the Constitution. As a veteran and former correctional officer, I will advocate for your right to bear arms during my time in Jefferson City. 

I want to bring more jobs and new economic opportunities to the 156th District while also nurturing and growing our rich history as a tourist destination. Branson has much to offer the state and the country, and I want to show off our talent. 
In our ever-changing world, new technology and new professions require new skills and training. I would like to see students have more opportunities for STEM education, and more partnerships between schools and industry to provide career paths for students starting in grade school. 
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